So, what am I doing here?

Some of you probably know me, some of you probably don’t.

I’m an entertainer. I’m fortunate enough to spend a good part of my time traveling around, either playing music or doing comedy.  I get to see amazing places and meet incredible people. It’s a pretty spectacular life.

Like most entertainers, I spent a bulk of my time, both online and in real life, promoting my shows and the shows of folks that I work with, when I’m not actually on stage.

When I decided I wanted to do a personal blog,  I made a rule for myself:  minimal promoting. The purpose of this blog isn’t to promote my shows….it’s a glimpse into my real life.    What I’m doing, what I enjoy, what frustrates me.

I’m sure my “work”  life will intrude on this blog from time to time, but I’ll do my best to keep it at a minimum.

SO….let’s have some fun with this…and maybe in the process, get to know one another a little better.


2 thoughts on “So, what am I doing here?

  1. Funny the question you raise, “So, what am I doing here?

    Its a question we should all ask ourselves.

    Are we serving ourselves or others? Are our efforts unbalanced and self-serving or balanced and both self-serving and selfless?

    Are we making our community a better place or are we just drinking it all in?

    We have a world top heavy with takers and we are anchored by a constantly disintegrating community of givers.

    Top Down is Orderly but Dumb, Bottom up is Chaotic but Smart!
    We need to enrich our soil so our roots grow stronger, lest we get blown away by the winds of change.


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