Cutting the Cable Cord



OK, Satellite, actually.  We’ve had satellite TV for years, and had generally been quite happy with it.

Then we started thinking about what we actually watched, and came to the realization that much of what we watch was on network TV.  What little we watch that’s NOT on network TV is available elsewhere, so we decided to cut the cord.

We’re using a cheap pair of rabbit ear type antennas, and have access to 20+ channels here in the Indy metro area.

It seems two get more play than the others.  MeTV is one of my favorites, especially since they show Star Trek TOS on Saturday nights, followed by Svengoolie.  I’m a HUGE Svengoolie fan.

Antenna TV also gets a lot of play in our house.  I especially seeing George Burns and Jack Benny on their olds shows.  As a comedian, I learn a lot about style, delivery and economy of words my watching them.

We’re using Netflix more and more.  We watch some movies on it, and we’re currently watching American Horror Story at the urging of a friend.  We just finished Season 1 and are ready to start Season 2.

I’d heard a lot about Deadwood, so we just started watching it on Amazon instant video.  The jury is still out whether we like it enough to continue

We’re quite happy with our decision to cut the cord.  We don’t feel like we’re missing anything and we’re saving a lot of money!




2 thoughts on “Cutting the Cable Cord

  1. As a former paramedic, I enjoy watching Emergency! For as much that has changed in the fire service/EMS throughout the years, very little has also changed. I still like watching Gilligan’s Island, and The Beverly Hilbillies as well. Good stuff!


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