Ten of my favorite independent restaurants in Indy

I thought I’d have some fun and post my list of 10 of my favorite restaurants in Indy.  These are not in any order.  I’d be interested in any input that y’all might have!  And, these are all locally owned restaurants and I’m considering the Indy Metro area, which includes a few surrounding communities.

1)Big Mike’s Cafe’, 96th and College.  This place doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. A great tenderloin, a fantastic burger, and my wife swears by the blackened tilapia.   They’ve also got a dish called a Horseshoe that is an artery clogger, but, oh, so good.

2)Keystone Sports Review,  56th and Keystone, Indy.  More of a bar/restaurant, still, a great place.  The wings are amazing, and the homemade croutons for their salad are unlike any I’ve ever tasted.  They, alone, are worth the trip.  And the tenderloin is tops, too.

3)Pat Flynn’s Pub/Murphy’s Steakhouse, 52nd and Allisonville, Indy.  Whatever you want, they’ve got it.  Steaks, sandwiches, salads, and more.  The place is sparkling clean and the service is top notch.  Everything they do is just amazing.  I highly recommend a visit here!

4)Tomo Japanese Steakhouse, 74th and Keystone.  They have what I believe is, without a doubt, the best lunch special in Indy. 2 Sushi rolls, a drink, and soup or salad for just a bit over 7 bucks.  Everything is prepared fresh,  the service is quick, and the staff is among the most pleasant in town.  If you like ethnic food, run, don’t walk, to Tomo.

5)Dooley O’Toole’s, Carmel Drive, Carmel.  Part Irish pub, part family restaurant, part neighborhood bar, Dooley’s has been around for a long time, and I’m sure they’ll be around for a long time to come.  It’s one of those places who go out of their way to show they appreciate your patronage.  And, the tenderloin….amazing.  (are you seeing a theme here??)

6)Jockamo’s Pizza, Irvington.  Although most folks call Bazbeaux is the top local pizza in town, my nod of late goes to Jockamo’s.  They’re constantly offering something different, and even when they’re slammed with business, the service is amazing.

7)Castleton Grill, Castleton.  Although based out of Ft Wayne, I’m still going to call them local.  Such a nice departure from the endless row of cookie cutter chain restaurants in this part of town, the Castleton Grill has a nice selection of menu items, from simple salads to really fine steaks.  And, I do believe they have the best burger in town.

8)Bazbeaux Pizza.  Mass Ave, Broad Ripple, and Carmel.  Yep, two pizza restaurants on my list.  I REALLY like pizza.   I tend to prefer the Mass Ave location for the atmosphere, but  all are good.  It’s a type of pizza unique to Indiana, I believe, and kudos to Bazbeaux for staying true to their roots.

9)Shalimar Indian, Broad Ripple.  I’d never tried Indian food until I met my wife, now I’m hooked.  We’ve tried a few in town, but always end up back at Shalimar.  Wonderful lunch buffet that is very reasonably priced, as is the menu.  If you’re not familiar with Indian food, they do an excellent job of explaining the dishes to you.

10)John’s Famous Stew, Kentucky Avenue. If I can think of one word to describe this restaurant, it’s “unique”.  A restaurant devoted to stew. Although they have other dishes  (including a decent tenderloin), stew is what they do best.  In this kind of weather, you can’t beat it.

There are ten of my favorites.  Tell me someplace I need to try.


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