Moon Pie…the new MusicMobile

I’ve never been a car guy.  Even in high school, when many of my friends were putting Cragars and Air Shocks on their cars, and racing stripes and fuzzy dice…I had no interest at at all in that.

To me, a car has always been a tool…a way to get me from one place to another.  That’s it.  It’s just utilitarian.

Our former MusicMobile had well over 250k miles on it, and we in need of a major repair.  Instead of pouring money into a vehicle with that many miles, we bit the bullet and went car shopping.

Car shopping for me has always been a matter of study.  We need a vehicle that has enough space to haul all our gear, one that gets decent gas mileage because we travel a lot, and one that is reasonably comfortable to ride in for long hours.

SO, I spent a fair amount of time studying and reading, comparing cargo space, gas mileage, average repair costs, and more.

We walked onto a lot, and I’m not sure what happened, but we saw a car and immediately fell in love.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Moon Pie.


Moon Pie is a 2012 Kia Soul, and it’s perfect for our needs.  I’ll be honest and tell you I didn’t make this choice logically….I just “fell” for this car.

It’s turning out to be the perfect car for us.  The rear seats fold down, and there is plenty of room for our instruments and PA system.  It’s comfortable with plenty of leg room.  It’s easy on gas and fun to drive.

After about 4 months of owning it, I have no complaints.  It came equipped with Sirius XM radio, which makes long trips nice, and it’s certainly cut down on our gas expense.  I’m certain we made the right choice!




2 thoughts on “Moon Pie…the new MusicMobile

  1. Are you sure we aren’t related?

    I swear, the more I read from you, the more it seems we are alike. I, too, had minimal interest in cars growing up. To me, they always were and always will be, a means of transportation and nothing else. In high school, my friends would talk about how cool the older Mustangs were. I’d laugh and tell them that *my* version of the coolest Mustang was the D model (with the invasion stripes, of course).


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