Hidden Corners–Coxville, Indiana

I get to visit a lot of hidden corners when I’m traveling for music and/or comedy.  It struck me that these would make good blog material.

Coxville is a tiny town in Western Indiana, not too awfully far from Terre Haute.  It’s the 2nd oldest town in Indiana,  and was actually established via a treaty with Tecumseh.  Originally called Roseville, after Chancey Rose  (The Rose in Rose-Hulman institute), the name was changed to Coxville.

In it’s heyday,  Roseville/Coxville was a thriving, bustling town, with industry, stores, offices, and much more.  But, like many rural towns,  the railroad bypassed it, and it died a pretty quick death.  All that’s left of Coxville now is a wonderful restaurant  (The Rock Run…I HIGHLY recommend a visit), a covered bridge, and the Coxville Cemetery.

Interestingly enough, Coxville was home to two celebrities.  Three Finger Mordecai Brown, major league ballplayer.




And famed B movie western bad guy,  Tex Terry.




I’ll leave you with a picture of the Covered Bridge, and two photos of the Rock Run Cafe’ and Bakery.  If you’re over in Western Indiana, it’s certainly worth a stop!






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