Our Coffee Shop ham radio net

I’ve been a ham radio operator for a long time.  30+ years.  It’s always been a fun hobby for me.  Although I enjoy talking on the radio, the thing I enjoy MOST about the hobby is meeting new people and making new friends.

As I think about it, that’s the way it is with pretty much all my life.  I LOVE Geocaching, seeing and exploring new places, finding the cache, but the best part of the hobby is the friends I’ve made.

I LOVE being an entertainer.  I love making people smile, seeing them sing along as I play, or seeing them laugh when I’m doing a comedy show.

There are SO many facets to ham radio.  You can do public service, storm spotting, DXing   (making contacts all over the world), bounce your signals off of the moon, or any one of a myriad other things.

I while back, I stumbled upon a net called Our Coffee Shop that meets at 9AM each morning, Monday through Friday.  My day typically goes something like this…I get up early and start answering emails, doing my social media stuff, writing press releases, and doing all those things that most folks don’t realize entertainers have to do.  Checking into Our Coffee Shop has become a really welcome part of my morning routine.  It gives me a nice break in the day, and I’ve met many awesome people.  This morning, I talked to operators from England, Nova Scotia, California, Oregon, Tennessee, and more.

Our Coffee Shop is an Echolink net…I’ll save a discussion of Echolink for a later post, but, if you what to know more about Our Coffee Shop, here is there website.


73 de Rick, N9GSU



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