Every once in a while, I’m taken by surprise.

I do a lot of public speaking.  I’m not talking about comedy shows  (I do a lot of that), but motivational speaking.  I share my story with schools, churches, service clubs, and more.  I love talking about overcoming adversity, whether it is addiction, learning difficulties, or something else entirely.  It makes me happy when I can have a small part in inspiring someone.

I”ll be honest and say that while I always enjoy these, there are times it’s just a “job”.  There are times I’ve got to suit up and show up whether I feel like it or not, and, in the end, it IS always rewarding.

I enjoy all the various service clubs….Lions, Rotary, Elks, dozens of others, and I’ve always found them to be friendly, likeable folks who truly want to make the world a better place.

I was invited to share my story with the Downtown Indianapolis Optimist club a few months ago, and I can honestly say I’ve never been as warmly welcomed…nor have I been made to feel so much at home…as when I arrived.  Warm handshakes, sincere welcomes, and more, and I just knew., somehow, right off, that something was VERY special about these folks.


I gave my presentation, and left feeling I’d made new friends.  Then I got a call asking me to travel to a convention and give one, and then another.  Each time, I felt that same warmth, that same spirit.  Without pressuring me in any way, it was always made known that should I want to join, there would be a place for me.

And, in short, that’s how I came to be a part of The Optimist Club.  Good people, doing good things.  I’ve seldom felt so at home.

Take a moment and read the Optimist Creed.  It’s awesome!


If you’re looking for a place to invest some time and make the world a better place, check out your local Optimist club.  I don’t believe you’ll be sorry.


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