Bru Burger, Indianapolis



It’s hard for me to get excited about an upscale burger restaurant.  For me, burgers are best served in a dive bar, a little seedy, a little run down.  Short on decor and heavy on atmosphere.  I’ve often thought that the terms “upscale” and “burger” were mutually exclusive.

Last week my wife went to see Tears for Fears in downtown Indy, and she and her sister had dinner at Bru before the concert.  She fell in love with the place and wanted to take me back as soon as possible.

Honestly?  I wasn’t all that excited.  I’ve had varying success with upscale burgers, and, honestly, most burger chains.  Personally, I think Red Robin and Five Guys are just awful.  Bub’s in Carmel is just “ok”.  It’s hard for me to find a burger to beat a place like The Golden Ace, or Workingman’s friend, or Peppy’s Grill.

We had some free time on Saturday between an audition and a show, so we headed down to Mass Avenue to give it a try.

I noticed two things upon entering….it’s REALLY pretty.   Lots of dark wood, a bar, a family dining area, and everyone was super friendly.  From the hostess to our server, it felt like they really appreciated the fact that we took time out of our day to visit them.


In addition to outside dining, they have a large outside dining area.


We started our meal with a shared order of Bru Fries…this is a massive order of fries, with three different dipping sauces….house made ketchup  (which was amazing and my favorite), a chipotle sauce, and a ranch sauce) and plenty enough to share for two people with a hearty appetite.  I highly recommend them.


I chose a Blue Cheese burger for my burger, and it was nothing short of spectacular.  Everything was SO fresh, and the burger was cooked exactly as I requested.  One of the best burgers I’ve had in a LONG time.

While my preference will always be for “dive” burgers, I’ve got to say this was an amazing experience, and made me realize what a true upscale burger is.  Yes, it was a bit more expensive than a bar burger, but it was 100% worth it.  If you want to splurge a little bit, and are looking for a great burger in a great atmosphere, give Bru Burger a try.


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