Hidden Corners of Indiana…Ten West Center for the Arts

I’m really enjoying doing these “hidden corners” blogs…I should do more of these!


Ten West center for the Arts is a theater/teaching facility located in Fortville, Indiana.  It’s located in an old Church, built in the early 1900’s, and after the congregation left, it saw new life as an arts center.

It really is an amazing facility.  I’ve played a LOT of rooms in 40+ years of doing music, comedy, and more, and I can honestly say this is one of my favorites anywhere.  But, I’ve always preferred older building to new ones…they simply have more character, at least in my eyes.

Ten West has a state of the art sound and video system, and since it’s a smaller theater–120 seats, give or take a few–there’s simply not a bad seat in the house.

In addition to stage shows, they also host music, comedy, and a number of classes with an emphasis on youth…painting, crafting, martial arts, music lessons and much, much more.

The best part of Ten West…is started as a dream.  A local family wanted to provide a sanctuary, or sorts, for the arts, and for the youth.  They pooled their own money, purchased the building, and the rest is history.
Let me encourage you to see a show at Ten West.  This weekend, It’s a Wonderful Life–the radio play–is running and both my wife and I are in this production.  It that’s not your cup of tea, you can find their schedule online, and read more about Ten West at http://www.tenwestcenter.org








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