Hidden Corners of Indiana–Camp Chesterfield

Camp Chesterfield, north of Indy about 45 minutes, is one of the most interesting places I’ve ever visited.

Camp Chesterfield is a Spiritualist Campground/Center, devoted to the art and practice of spiritualism in many different forms.  There are a few full time residents that live here, apparently, as well as a number of seasonal residents during the summer months.

Make no mistake, these are not the carnival fortune tellers that folks my age might remember, these are folks who are serious in their search for spirituality.  There are mediums, metaphysical ministers, faith healers, and more, who reside here on a part or full time basis.

Even though I was raised up only about 30 minutes from here,  I never visited until I was an adult.  Then it was because of Geocaching and I found it a fascinating place to wander around.  Honestly, I also found it a little creepy, because it’s so foreign the the sense of spirituality I was raised with.  They describe themselves as a religion, philoosphy, and science based on natural law.

Camp Chesterfield sets on 40+  beautifully wooded acres, and there is some amazing statuary in the park.  I’m a huge fan of traditional folk art, and much of the art in the camp certainly fits this description.

If you’re interested in learning more about Camp Chesterfield, you can find them at http://www.campchesterfield.net

Below are just a couple of photos of the camp.





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