One of the more interesting burgers I’ve had



Although I’m more known for my love of tenderloins, I do love a good burger now and then.

The history of the hamburger, like much of our food history, is a little muddled. Various claims have been made as to it’s origin.  Some say it was developed in Germany, some say in St Louis, yet others, in Chicago.  Whatever the true story is, the hamburger has come to be known with good old American food.

My taste in burgers runs pretty traditional. A good bun, good meat, traditional condiments like lettuce, tomato, mayo, onion, tomato, etc.  I’m not much on gourmet burgers.

But, last night, we were having dinner with friends at the Red Lion Grog House in Fountain Square, and I saw something on the menu that is a burger, grilled, THEN battered and deep fried.  They call it the buffalo burger.

I actually hesitated to order it, but I decided to give it a shot.  I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but I figured if I didn’t, I’d at least have tried it.

So, how was it?  I liked it.  It’s not something I’d order every time….but the crunch of the breading  (which was VERY crunchy) combined with the firmness of the meat, along with the softness of the bun made for a very interesting and pleasing combination of textures.

The taste was good.  They did a good job making sure that the flavor of the breading didn’t overwhelm the taste of the meat.

Make no mistake, this is a BIG sandwich, and I found it to set just a tad heavy on my stomach.  Still, it was worth a try and for a change of pace, I’d certainly get it again.



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