My 9 best instagram images from 2016

One of the blogs I follow is IndyScan by my friend Andrew Everhart.  He found a utility that shows your 10 “best” instagram images from the previous year.  Actually…they’re not the best images, they’re the ones that have received the most likes….which, to me, can be a huge difference.

Mine is below.  Starting at the top, and going left to right, they are the Wednesday night car show in Fortville, Indiana,  deer at Crown Hill Cemetery, T-28 at Indy Metro Airport.

2nd row,  hawk in our front yard, jamming at a Lions Club cookout with a random stranger (who later became a friend),  The Cosmic Preacher’s my wife’s band, at the Indiana State Fair.

3rd row, my wife, Holly, at Alley’s Alehouse in Fishers, Indiana, the Cosmic Preachers at Grove Haus, and myself doing stand up at the Fayette County fair in Connersville, Indiana.



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