My biggest challenge so far

After getting started, logging everything, getting my exercise in, my biggest challenge is a huge surprise to me.
I thought it might be sodium.  Nope, it’s turning out not to be a big deal.  There are a couple of days I’ve barely gone over, but not by much.  Watching it is pretty easy, especially if I stay away from processed foods.
I also thought it might be sugar.  Nope.  Although…I’ve never really had much of a sweet tooth, I realized there is often a lot of sugar in processed foods.  Again, staying under isn’t an issue for me, although I thought it might be.
It’s eating enough calories.  You read that right…I’m struggling to get enough calories in.  The combination of eating smart and moving has made me, at times, struggle with eating enough calories.  Adding a lot of water to that, it also makes me feel full all the time.  Fruits, veggies, non processed foods, and lean meats just don’t have the calories of what I was eating before.
It’s also made me realize how many “empty” calories I must have been eating to put all this weight back on.   It’s made me realize, in addition, that I need to plan my days better so that at 9PM I don’t realize I have several hundred calories left.  I’ve taken to eating about 1/2 of my exercise calories back instead of all of them, and that seems to be working well.  I’ll re-evaluate that in a couple of weeks and see if I need to re-evaluate again.
I’m curious…what’s your biggest challenge?

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