Central Park, Carmel, Indiana.

In my quest to become more healthy, I’m doing a lot of walking.  It’s a great, low impact exercise for those of us with joint issues, and, it’s fun.  You don’t cover as much ground as you do with bicycling, of course, but it’s a great way to slow down and enjoy the scenery while enjoying the exercise.

Central Park in Carmel, Indiana, is less than a mile from my house.  It’s a huge complex, with a large lake, a wetlands, wonderful hiking trails through the woods, a bicycling trail, and more.

When I walk there, I usually walk the trails in the woods,   but yesterday we got quite a bit of rain, so I chose to walk the paved path that goes around the lake.  One loop around the lake is just over a mile.

The lake covers a few acres, and is a birdwatchers paradise.  While walking, I’ve seen the common birds…mallard ducks, Canada geese, robins, sparrows, and the like.  A little rarer, but still common, I’ve seen red wing blackbirds,  several kinds of hawks, grebes, bluebirds, and more.  Shorebirds are fairly common, with the great blue heron being the most commonly spotted.

If you’ve not visited Central Park, give it a try.  A great place for outdoor activity.  I’ll leave you with just a couple of pictures.



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