Weekend hiking, a tale of two parks

We had a reasonably free holiday weekend, which is a REAL rarity for us.  Part of it was by design…we’ve got a VERY busy June and July coming up, so this was a chance for us to catch our breath and get ready for a couple of months filled with music, comedy, and weddings.

We’ve both been working hard to be more active, and to work harder to do the things we really enjoy.  I used to hike quite a lot back in my younger days, but a pretty severe injury and weight gain put that on the back burner.  But, after doing a 5k the previous weekend, we decided to do some hiking this Memorial Day Weekend.

We chose two state parks to hike in.  Saturday, we knew we were going to Madison, Indiana.  Holly’s father is buried at the veteran’s cemetery there, so it was a good chance for us to check out Clifty Falls State Park in Madison.

The hiking trails in Clifty Falls range from easy to rugged  (I THINK one was listed as very rugged, also).  This part of Indiana…on the Ohio river, could easily be Kentucky or Tennessee.  It’s certainly not how you think of Indy.  It’s very hilly, with lots of exposed rock cliffs and some fairly major elevation changes on some of the trails.

It’s a beautiful park with a number of trails, as well as an Inn for overnight stays for those who prefer to stay in a more hotel like setting.  There’s also a fine campground, suited for everything from the largest motor homes to tent (primitive) camping.

We did one of the easier trails, even then, there was quite the elevation change and up and downs in the park.  Here are just a couple of photos.

Clifty 2

Clifty 1


Sunday, we did a few things around the house and generally caught up on things.  Monday, we headed up to Anderson, IN, to visit Mounds State Park.  Mounds looks like what most people picture Indiana is…flat to gently rolling.

Mounds is famous for it’s Native American Burial Mounds.  There’s the Great Mound, the Fiddleback Mound, and a number of others in the park.  Mounds is Indiana’s smallest state park, at a bit over 200 acres. It has a fine campground, as well as a very nice swimming pool.  The trails run from easy to moderate, although down by the river, it can get a bit rugged.  Here are a few photos from Mounds.

Mounds 2

Mounds 1


One thing I learned from this weekend is that I really need to get a good pair of hiking boots.  With some pretty significant ankle issues, the tennis shoes I’ve been wearing aren’t going to cut it for long, as I up my mileage/terrain.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!