Doing live TV. It’s been a while

IndyStyle Screenshot

Yesterday, I was live on TV.  Here in Indy, we have a local show, called Indy Style, that highlights arts, entertainment, food, fashion, and more.

It’s a great show…the host and hostess are personable and friendly, and do a great job of highlighting what’s going on in our wonderful city.  By the way, if you’ve never been to Indy, you should visit.  Although it seems we’re mostly know for sports, Indy has a wonderful,  vibrant arts and culture scene, and any given night there’s everything from comedy to opera to bluegrass and just about everything in between.

Most of you know that I have a VERY healthy dose of ADD.  Most folks dread doing live TV, but, for me…it’s the perfect setting.  It’s kind of like semi-controlled chaos.  Tons of activity going on all around, all while doing a pre interview,  getting wired for sound, mic check, and more.  People in and out, adjusting sound, camera angles, lighting and more.  It’s perfect because lots of information comes to you in rapid fire succession, and it allows me to take full advantage of my scattered brain.

And, suddenly, it’s air time.

And, just like that, it’s over and done with.  And my mind can go on to the next thing.

It was a great, all around experience.  I made some new friends, had a ball, and got to promote my latest project!

If you’re interested in seeing the video clip, you can view it here:


Local comedian hosts comedy show for a good cause